My Vision

Property is the largest asset or purchase for all Americans; it is the dream. Title is not easy to understand, but is instrumental to the fundamental principal of clear and marketable title. When people of the Worcester District need property information or consumer protection, they need a Register of Deeds who understands, provides and acts.

Knowledge Is Power

  • Katie, equipped with a law degree and 18 years real estate experience, is prepared to help residents’ education on property rights, title and consumer rights.

  • For years there have been title scams that have prompted residents to seek information and answers, and Katie is prepared to guide the residents of the Worcester District.

  • Every document recorded in the Registry of Deeds has an impact on legal title to property. Having a lawyer who understands legal title is imperative, both for training staff and for being available to allow or disallow a recording.

Office Management and Access

  • Katie is not new to full-time or greater work commitment. She is prepared to be on site working for you, the residents.

  • Seminars to inform the public: Katie intends to be accessible to residents at the office and in community meetings to advance residents’ knowledge and answer their questions.

  • Satellite hours in the cities and towns to provide great accessibility: Katie plans to be available at local town offices on a rotating schedule to have face time with residents of our large district to answer questions and accept comments about the Registry of Deeds.

  • Katie understands that communication is an imperative between the Register of Deeds and the Secretary of the Commonwealth, as the offices are closely linked.

  • The Worcester Registry of Deeds has been on the forefront of electronic advances in recording in Massachusetts – a relationship with the Secretary of the Commonwealth to secure pilot programs and technology is imperative.

  • Katie would like to immediately work with the Secretary of State to make the current web access more user-friendly, both on computers and mobile devices – access is everything.